Update to Last Week’s Huge Updates

Okay so this week has been spent doing a lot of chatting with WordPress, my host platform, about changing up my website to a cheaper plan that seemed like it would fit the purpose of my website better.  However, after going back and forth with about 5 different customer service people, I was told that… Continue reading Update to Last Week’s Huge Updates

Mi Primero Entrada de mi Blog en Español

La entrada del blog de hoy va a estar en español porque estoy aprendiendo español por cuatro anos y quiero practicar mi español con ustedes. Si alguna persona habla español y estas leyendo este, por favor dígame como mi español es. Gracias para leyendo mi blog, yo amo escribir para ustedes y yo espero que… Continue reading Mi Primero Entrada de mi Blog en Español

Guest Post: Sunsets

A sweet friend of mine sent me this e-mail over the weekend, and I thought it was such a good picture that I asked if I could share it with you all.  She and I have a thing where whenever we see a beautiful sunset, we tell the other person about it, or send a… Continue reading Guest Post: Sunsets