Summer Updates

Some quick updates on what’s been going on in my life!

Mi Tercera Entrada en Español

Después de mi entrada pasada en español, recibí muchas palabras amables, y quiero decir gracias a ustedes. Creo que es el tiempo para escribir una otra entrada, pero no sé qué ustedes se quieren leer. ¿Mis notas de la iglesia Elevation? Y, ¿hay algunas personas que querer practicar conmigo, en inglés o en español? Yo… Continue reading Mi Tercera Entrada en Español

Update to Last Week’s Huge Updates

Okay so this week has been spent doing a lot of chatting with WordPress, my host platform, about changing up my website to a cheaper plan that seemed like it would fit the purpose of my website better.  However, after going back and forth with about 5 different customer service people, I was told that… Continue reading Update to Last Week’s Huge Updates

HUGE Announcement + Mini Devotion

Later today I will be changing my blog address from to! If I understand the fine print correctly, that will mean no ads for you and a blog address that makes more sense for what this website is. EDIT: I am in the process of changing things over, and it seems to have… Continue reading HUGE Announcement + Mini Devotion

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

This 400 page book is a beauty! I recently received it from the Thomas Nelson and Zondervan Fiction Guild and have been admiring it’s cover and black and white maps on the first and last pages of the book.  I know we’re not meant to judge a book from it’s cover, but this cover is… Continue reading Becoming Mrs. Lewis