Race Resource Recommendations

A few things I have found helpful and hopeful in this hour regarding the conversation on the “ism” of race.


I’ve noticed I’ve been hearing the name of the Coronavirus more than I’ve been hearing the name of Jesus, even (and especially) from people in the church.  Coronavirus is not worth all that.  It has only brought sickness and death.  Jesus never did that; He always brought healing and life.  More than that, He brought… Continue reading COVID-19

February Favorites

In addition to February being a short month (albeit with the extra day this year), it was one full of crazy schedules and some deaths in the family, so I didn’t have a lot of time to find new content I enjoyed.  But, I will present to you today that which I did enjoy, however… Continue reading February Favorites

December Favorites

[Look what I found buried in my drafts folder! Ha! Sorry this wasn’t up earlier!] Welcome to the last monthly favorites post of 2019! How have you all been liking these? Do they help you discover more songs, books, movies, etc? Have you found any new favorite things? What are some of your favorite things… Continue reading December Favorites