Staying Power

Worship began this Memorial Day weekend with “We Praise You“, “Love Won’t Give Up“, and “Graves into Gardens“, before finishing up with “Authority” and “Resurrecting“.

Pastor Steven was preaching this week; my notes are below:

  • Acts 27:20-32
  • Often we have “starting power” to start following what God says, or “leaving power” when we leave for some other path, but rarely do we celebrate the people who stay.
  • The greatest power is often not in what you have the faith to start, but what you have the faith to stay with.
  • Sometimes people don’t really want advice; they want attention or affirmation.
  • God is taking us from glory to glory; He just didn’t tell us the transportation used to get us there.
  • You have an appointment in the storm.
  • It is staying with the breaking that produces the blessing.
  • When my heart is breaking it’s important that I abide in His love so I can experience His presence in a greater measure.
  • It is not what you go through that determines where you end up, it’s who I listen to.
  • When I get blown off course I have to decide who will I listen to and what will I guide by.
  • Some storms you can’t control, but don’t create a second storm by your decisions in the first storm.
  • If I try to drive out darkness with darkness and depend on something that it going to keep me in the dark when the light comes, I get myself into a worse storm than I was in in the first place.
  • Don’t run to places in the storm that are more dangerous than the storm itself.
  • You can’t change if you never stay.
  • Anything you plant is only as good as the roots.
  • What you go through doesn’t determine where you end up; who you listen to determines where you end up. Wisdom or worry? Gratitude or grumbling?
  • The proof of faith is not change, it’s patience.
  • If I keep on trying to find a way out of it, how can I be changed through it?
  • The only way you can receive the power of God is to stay in the place of peace.

You can watch the entire message here:

This is an ironic week to be announcing this, but God has been gently but firmly releasing me from places I’ve been busy serving Him this month to lead me to a place of just sitting with Him. From being a Martha to a Mary. These notes posts are one of things that I’m sensing a release to let go of. I may still post more personal words on my blog, but for now I’m taking a little break. (Be sure to follow me to be notified of when I post again.) I also wanted to say, if you take notes and want to post them for others to enjoy, leave a link to that in the comments! I want people to continue to be encouraged. Thank you for understanding!

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