Flex Space

Worship began this week with “Wild Love” by Elevation Rhythm, which was followed by “Rattle!” by Elevation Worship, as well as “Available“, and ended with “See a Victory“.

Pastor Steven was back in the house this week; my notes are below.

  • Isaiah 54:1-4
  • Enlarge and expand your frame of reference.
  • God is not confined to a location; we’ve just been confined to a mindset, but God is blowing up the boxes we’ve been putting Him in.
  • When you pray for God to make a way, you don’t get to define the way that He made.
  • I’m not saying it isn’t scary, I’m just saying God is with me.
  • Don’t you ever let the devil take your song.
  • Psalm 22:3
  • God lives where praise does.
  • My plans changed but God’s didn’t.
  • God fills the spaces we call empty.
  • It may take our whole lives before we make sense of certain things but it is not wasted.
  • God can’t be strong when you’re pretending to be.
  • What good is it to have strong faith if it’s not flexible faith? If you have strong faith but your hope is in circumstances it’s not flexible.
  • Every time we expose our old normal to God’s kingdom space, our hearts grow.
  • Philippians 1:20
  • Faith stays strong by stretching it.
  • God is trying to take your life and show the world what He can do through a heart that is committed to Him.
  • Your faith can never be in a circumstance; it must be in the character of Christ.
  • You need to keep expanding your expectations to include what you did not plan for, because God is going to work in everything.
  • When God doesn’t show up when you want Him to, it’s because He’s going to show off when He comes.
  • God inhabits the praises of His people.
  • God can only fill what we bring Him.
  • Don’t let the devil have God’s territory.
  • You’ve got to eliminate the enemy to reclaim your imagination.
  • You are a new creation and God is bringing you into a new normal.
  • I can’t believe God for you but I can believe Him with you.

You can watch the message here:

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