February Favorites

In addition to February being a short month (albeit with the extra day this year), it was one full of crazy schedules and some deaths in the family, so I didn’t have a lot of time to find new content I enjoyed.  But, I will present to you today that which I did enjoy, however small the list. 🙂



This song quickly became a new favorite of mine, and was the one I played on repeat throughout the month.



I came across this poet from the YouTube channel Ours Poetica when Shailene Woodley read a selection of this collection of poetic essays.  Thanks to Prime Reading, I was able to download a copy of this for free on my kindle!

Other books I enjoyed this month, I’ve already posted reviews about, which you can check out here:

Children of the Stars

The Runaway Bride

Sorry the list was so short! What did you all enjoy in February?

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Much love,


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