Make Room for the New

If you didn’t make it to church this weekend because the time change threw you off, I got you! You can click through and listen to the songs sung in worship this week, read my notes and check out the linked verses, and even watch the message! Check it all out below! (If a song is not linked, it is because it has not yet been officially released on the Elevation Worship YouTube channel.)

Worship began with “Better Than You”, “Raise a Hallelujah“, and “Graves into Gardens”.  After this week’s announcements and YTHTV, we went back into worship with song introduced last week, “The Blessing“.

Pastor Steven preached this week; my notes are as follows:


  • Leviticus 26:10
  • It’s not about how much faith you have that saves you, it’s about how much grace God has.
  • The point isn’t about how much faith you have, but who you have faith in.
  • Sometimes we hold on to the old at the expense of the new.
  • Your tolerance for tension determines your potential for growth.
  • When you are protecting the old, what’s new looks like a threat.
  • Acts 11:5
  • Acts 10:1
  • Acts 9:40
  • You didn’t lose it, God moved it.
  • You can’t receive new miracles with old mindsets.
  • Do you run from God’s purpose for your future or away from it?
  • Acts 11:6-7
  • God is trying to kill your categories, using people you didn’t even like to grow you up and mature you.
  • What it means by “He works it all for good” is “towards His purpose”, not “for my preference”.
  • Acts 11:8-9
  • Stop limiting God with your labels.
  • Are they insulting you or is God using them to instruct you?
  • Don’t limit yourself with labels, and don’t be loyal to a lie.
  • Sometimes we hold so tightly to a lie because it’s familiar.
  • Acts 11:12
  • You might miss today’s miracle trying to hold onto yesterday’s blessing.

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