Chain Breakers

It was the 14th anniversary/birthday of the church this week, so Bishop T. D. Jakes came and partied with us.  Check out my recap of the weekend service below!

Worship started with “Graves into Gardens” and “Never Lost“.  There was a memorial montage played while singing “Waymaker” and “Alpha and Omega“.  Israel Houghton joined us for worship.

As I mentioned, Bishop T.D. Jakes was preaching this week; my notes read:


  • Acts 8:1-8
  • Power without structure is a dangerous thing.
  • Whenever we don’t know what to do, we do what we know.  And whenever we hang around what we know for too long, God has to send something to get us to move.
  • Being a Christian is not a monument, it’s a movement.
  • Fear will make a movement turn into a monument.
  • God can and does use that which society does not respect to show Him respect.
  • God is after the core of a situation, not the symptoms.  There is a spirit behind your storm.
  • Get ready for the people who hated you to want what you have.  The reason nothing you did could please them, that they couldn’t accept you, was because God never meant for you to become them.  He meant for them to become like Him.’
  • You’ve got to be healed enough and be secure enough in God to open yourself up to people who have maligned you.  You’ve got to be confident in who God says you are so that you will not be hurt by what they say you are.
  • Acts 8:8–there was great joy from the healings and deliverances in the city; not in the church, in the city!
  • Something is about to shift.
  • You don’t have to argue; all you’ll have to do is let the glory of the Lord flow out of you in such a way you’re not going to have to approach them–they’ll approach you to see what you’ve got that gives you that kind of peace.
  • When you get loose, everything connected to you gets loosed.

So the thing with Bishop T.D. Jakes’s messages is they are hard to take notes on LOL.  It flows together a lot better when you just watch the message, which you can do here:


Much love,


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