Your Season to Succeed | Kingdom Clout Part Five

Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m sharing my notes from part five of Elevation Church’s series, Kingdom Clout, titled “Your Season to Succeed”.  I hope it encourages you! Thanks for stopping by!

We began worship with a new song called “Hindsight” before going into Bethel Music’s “Raise a Hallelujah“, followed by “Holy, Holy, Holy“, “Mighty God“, and “Resurrecting“.

Pastor Steven preached this week; my notes are as follows:


  • Psalm 1:1-3
  • To be successful and miserable is not a blessing.
  • We have a standard of success but we don’t check who gave us that standard.
  • Some of us are doing things to impress people that aren’t even paying attention.
  • Being well-known only requires that the God who made me gets all of me.
  • Obscurity is not the enemy.  It doesn’t matter if they know your name; it matters if you want what’s inside of you.
  • If success means that everybody likes you, then Jesus was a failure.  Not everybody is supposed to “get you”, only God can “get you”.
  • Luke 17:20
  • The strategy of the enemy is to get you to hate your season.
  • Are you going to chase clout or embrace calling?
  • If you judge it in the process of God doing it, you interrupt the power of it.
  • When you get set free from the approval of people, then you can receive the approval of God.
  • It was so important that Jesus heard His Father say “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” before He ever started His ministry, so He wouldn’t be looking for the approval of others.
  • If the Kingdom is within you, it will not be taken away.

You can watch the message here:


Much love,


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