January Favorites

Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things I came across in January.





Like a Mighty Wind by Mel Tari.  A friend loaned me this book and it absolutely delighted me.  I highly recommend this book of miracles and God-stories for anyone who wants a fresh stirring of faith and wonder.


Harriet.  My. Word.  This movie goes up there with the ones about Mr. Rogers from last month’s list.  This movie has stirred something inside of me and I am eagerly planning days to watch it again with friends who haven’t seen it yet.  Highly recommend.


The messages so far this year from Transformation Church have been, as one might expect, transformative.  The anointing Michael Todd has to hear what God says and speak it courageously and boldly is incredible and always speaks directly to me.


Benefits of Fasting by Corey Russell on the UPPERROOM Dallas podcast is probably the best message on fasting I’ve heard.  I made pretty much everyone in my family listen to it, and I will likely listen to it again.


Honestly there’s so few things on this list because each one I highly, highly recommend and don’t want to overwhelm.  I hope you enjoy and find something that stirs and inspires you as well!

Much love,


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