To the Unqualified:

Yeah, me too.

Sometimes the battle is just so big in front of you, and you just feel so small.  So under-prepared.  So unqualified.  How do you know if you have everything you need to fight the battle? How can you know if all you do is enough? If you are enough?

I was encouraged recently when reading the story of Gideon.  God had called him to fight a battle and 30,000 people came to help Gideon.  Long story short, God whittled down Gideon’s army to about 300 people, against a massive enemy.  God’s plan didn’t make sense.  In fact, it looked as if Gideon and his army had been qualified at the start, and God un-qualified them.  They had started with a hundred times the amount of people that they had by the time it was time to fight!

Have you ever felt God calling you to something, but the closer it gets, the less prepared you feel? You thought you could handle it, but then the people you were counting on left you.  The enemy grew but those on your side disappeared.

Now you’re right here at the enemy’s camp and you don’t know how you’re going to get through this victorious.  You don’t have friends surrounding you.  You don’t even have weapons.

Well, let me remind you, dear friend, you have God.  And that’s enough.

Those soldiers that night only have three things: a torch, a trumpet, and a pitcher.

Maybe what you have to fight with seems simple and ineffective too.  Thankfully, I’ve got a God who can use the little bit I have, and make it work.

That night, Gideon and his measly little army surrounded the enemy’s camp.  All they had were their pitchers over their torches and their trumpets.  At the signal, they broke their pitchers, revealing the fire inside, and blew their trumpets.

The enemy camp went into a frenzy and became so confused and chaotic that they killed each other.

Sometimes you approach battle with very little with which to fight.  Sometimes you may just have a pitcher, torch, and trumpet, and your pitcher gets smashed too.  But you know what? At the end of the day, you are left standing victorious on the battlefield, with nothing but fire in one hand and an instrument of praise in the other.

You don’t have to be qualified.  Sometimes being qualified doesn’t mean having everything together, or even having everything.  Sometimes qualified means letting God get rid of everything you thought you needed in your life to win: both people and things.  Sometimes qualified even means the shattering of what’s left, until all that remains is fire and praise.

And your enemy is left in utter chaos and confusion, for your God has won the victory for you.

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